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04 February 2007 @ 05:29 pm
Who -- Owen, Angeldust, Seni
Where -- Nowhere
When -- Anytime
Rating -- PG

Laying on the ground, the lifeless body served as a hindrance to the people of the party. Some walked over the body, some kicked it and poured their drinks on it. Someone who knew the person, knelt down, shaking the person-- gently at first, then more violently. "Owen! Hey Owen wake the fuck up! Open your damn eyes and get up! You're breathing so stop fucking around and making a scene!" Several minutes pass without a response. Fed up, the friend moved on. The party commenced, even with the nearly unconscious body soiling itself.

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30 January 2007 @ 12:41 pm
The incessant beeping and chimes from the machines, they won't stop. The cries of pain, the urgency in doctors voices-- it won't go away. Stuck in a room, unable to move, speak, eat, even urinate properly. You would never think to visit someone who is in this vegetative state. Why would you? They can't acknowledge you. They only sit and stare at you, if you're lucky. Why bother?

Some people never stop and think of the story behind the body that is hooked to machines. All they see is glazed eyes, limp limbs, and drool. Tubes and wires strung about the hospital bed, hooked to numbers of machines. All for the families sake. Heaven forbid if they allow someone to die, if, essentially, they are already dead. The guilt, remorse, anger and other such mundane emotions would be too much to bear.

Although-- what if you could look behind the morphine induced trance? What if you could step inside the mind of the clinically vegetative state? Do you think you could handle what you see? Would you think of the person that you are keeping alive whilst hooked to machines-- or would you tell the doctors to pull the plug instantly? You just may have nightmares. Who knows where the distorted mind will take you. You may never want to come back.

Heaven and hell, just in one glance. Look through my eye, what do you see? Do you see the angel that sits on my right shoulder? How about the little devil that's prodding at the ATM machine? I bet you wouldn't be able to pin point which one has the most influence. I'm not all there, remember. They all think I'm brain dead. They leave me here, to sit in my own filth, have my meals fed to me via a tube in my stomach. I have bed sores upon bed sores. I am living in a hell I wish upon no one.

But, one must never forget-- Payback is a bitch.
24 December 2020 @ 08:58 am
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*Note that we may not always be familiar with the characters, if that is the case we will ask you to provide us with some character description when we reply to your request.
24 January 2007 @ 08:17 am
Who: [Mello] & [Near]
When: Sunday Night: before, during, and after 8 o’clock mass.
Where: The Confessional. Part Two. Link to Part One
What: Near and Mello have an unusual confrontation in the church confessional. Read at your own discretion!
Song Chosen: I'd make a deal with God, and I'd get him to swap our places,

Standing up, Mello opened the door on his side. The church was still unoccupied but would be filled soon for mass. He rapped lightly on Near's door. "Besides, it’s not like you to talk about like or hate."

"I ask because you hold out." he sat on the bench inside. He let the boy stand outside his door for a moment before reaching over and unlatching it, against his better judgment.

"Its not like you to show be in a church, yet here you are. There are always room for rare anomalies"

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24 January 2007 @ 08:08 am
Who: [Mello] & [Near]
When: Sunday Night: before, during, and after 8 o’clock mass.
Where: The Confessional. Part One.
What: Near and Mello have an unusual confrontation in the church confessional. Read at your own discretion.

Large doors opened, the darkness and silence enveloped the room. Near scanned the room, quite pleased that there wasn't anyone there. The entire ordeal of Mello was draining him completely.

Glancing around, the mahogany pews, the maroon runner down the isle, and even the ornate altar, it evoked a feeling of foreboding. Even though Near enjoyed the silence and solitude the church provided, he could never shake the feeling that the plaster Christ had eyes that followed him.

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