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24 January 2007 @ 08:17 am
Mello and Near  
Who: [Mello] & [Near]
When: Sunday Night: before, during, and after 8 o’clock mass.
Where: The Confessional. Part Two. Link to Part One
What: Near and Mello have an unusual confrontation in the church confessional. Read at your own discretion!
Song Chosen: I'd make a deal with God, and I'd get him to swap our places,

Standing up, Mello opened the door on his side. The church was still unoccupied but would be filled soon for mass. He rapped lightly on Near's door. "Besides, it’s not like you to talk about like or hate."

"I ask because you hold out." he sat on the bench inside. He let the boy stand outside his door for a moment before reaching over and unlatching it, against his better judgment.

"Its not like you to show be in a church, yet here you are. There are always room for rare anomalies"

Stepping inside, he closed the door behind him. He was sitting there again, as if nothing fazed him. "Back to normal, I see." he said with a sneer. He leaned against the door, looking down at Near. "Never expected to see you in this place without being dragged by your guardian. Who is she again? It's as if she barely knows you at all. Some extended part of the family. Makes you wonder if she's really looking out for her dear nephew."

"Probably another one after my inheritance. Its not as much as one thinks." he said, looking up at Mello.

"Would you rather me be the blushing bride? The lusting nun? The over zealous cheerleader? So that you may feel like the man you pretend to be?" he said, his tone relenting and the hint of anger was apparent.

Walking up to Near, Mello bent down, moving a strand of hair behind Near's ear. "more like a submissive bitch," he breathed into his ear. "You can't hide everything, Near. Play me with your mind all you want, but your body gives out the true responses. It's what really deceives you." He ran a fingernail from under near's ear lobe, down his neck.

"Mind over matter," he willed himself to show no signs. "True responses? No, it gives out what is only natural, the body doesn’t know better." he turned his head, not looking into Mello’s sadistic eyes

"The mind rests within the body. Without the body, the mind is nothing," he kneeled down in front of the other boy and placed his hands on Near's knees. He opened his legs, enough to scoot between them. This time his breath danced along the crotch of Near's pants. "Remember, Near, mind over mattered" he mocked him.

Near rolled his eyes. "Without the mind, the body is a mass of bone and skin. The mind makes it work, the sole reason it lives." He looked down at Mello. The priests must have made Mello a homosexual, bi-sexual at best.

"I'm not your choir boy, Mihael." he said plainly, though his eyes danced with both humor and mischief.

Mello looked up at Near, eyes darkening at his response. Outside the confessional, the choir began to sing, welcoming those who came to mass early. "Don't make yourself out to be so goddamn special," his voice seethed.

He grinned slightly and leaned down. His lips barely touching Mello's. "No, but are you Mihael. You are special." And with that, he kissed him softly on the lips, lingering for some time.

He closed his eyes, momentarily getting lost in the kiss as their lips locked together. "Don't fuck with me," he bit Near's lower lip, a warning- a stronghold- placed in order to restore whatever dignity he had left. Nails raked against bare chest as he pulled himself up, pining Near to the wall against the bench.

The corner of Nears lip curled, and with his lip still in between Mello’s teeth, he mumbled as best as he could.

"Why would I fuck with you, Mihael? You are all I have left."

Mello's breath quickened, his mind was in disarray. This wasn't like him, like either of them. The bench scraped along the bottom of the floor as Mello positioned himself on top of Near.

The commotion from the scraping of the bench could not be heard above the music of the choir. The church was filled up with those practicing the Sabbath. All completely unaware of what was occurring beyond the walls of the confessional.

Teeth letting go of Near's lip, Mello pulled away from him, looking into his eyes. "Look at me, not through me."

Feeling rather vulnerable and not liking a moment more of it, he looked away. The people were gathering outside. Though the place was a holy place, such deeds shouldn't be committed under the house of god.

Though, Near thought, Holy Fathers aren't to desecrate their charges, yet they do...

Near turned and faced Mello, his eyes boring into Mello’s.

His skin tingled with goose bumps. Near wasn't looking to judge him, not this time. Those eyes burned through him, leaving an everlasting impression. As if the moment was to be captured and frozen in time. “Grant that for the time to come, I may detest sin more than death itself, and avoid all such occasions and companies as have unhappily brought me to it. This I resolve to do by the aid of Your divine grace, without which I can do nothing. Amen," he continued, "it seems there is a serpent within our midst, it wishes to grant contradictions." The serpent, always associated with evil, with sin. Hell, if this was sin- so be it. It was far better than any heaven one could imagine.

"It is only sin if you are ashamed..." he said, reaching up to Mello's cheek, touching it softly.

He thought it was rather strange, for one to disassociate himself with the church so thoroughly, he quoted scripture a lot.

"What do you want Mello..." he asked, his voice sounding endearing.

He was not ashamed, not of the situation. It was out of his control, playing into the hands of some mastermind fiddling the strings of two puppets. His eyes closed at the touch of Near's hand to his cheek. Soft and gentle, soothing...something he never had before.

"To be free of this pain.." he spoke before his mind could stop him. Against his better judgment, he told Near the truth. Something he never disclosed to anyone, not even Matt.

Near leaned in and kissed the boy's nose softly. "The pain will be forever, Mihael. It'll lessen with time, but the pain makes you who you are... “He looked down at his lap and sighed.”It’s up to you if it consumes you..." he looked back at the boy, his eyes almost pleading with Mello. His eyes almost begging him not to be who he pretends to be...

"Do you think this a coincidence?" When Mello first came to Serendipity he never thought to find Near amongst the crowds of students. "I suppose history proves itself once again. Repeats it's cycle.." he looked away from Near and at the door, he felt vulnerable, he'd let his guard down longer than he had wanted to, if at all. He didn't want to expose anymore layers of his frail shell.

Near cocked his head to the side. "I don't know. It’s strange that you disappear... and it’s strange that Leonard sent me here..." He curled his legs to his bare chest. "I would say fate helped it along, but that isn't something either of us believes in. What do you think?"

"We make our own fate." with that, Mello let out a long sigh, leaning back to rest his head on Near's lap, making him uncurl his legs from his chest. He looked up at him, reaching a hand to comb through his untidy white locks. "Now, tell me what you want?"

Staring at the wall, Near listened to the church music. The pastor was speaking from the holy book. Near could picture the people sitting there, with their heads nodding at certain lines. He could picture the women in their big hats, the men in suits and ties. Children would probably be sleeping, much like he used to do.

"I, too, want to be free..." he looked down at Mello. He wanted to be free from the shrink visits, the odd stares, the prejudgments of him being a whack job. "My silence is my curse..." he sighed staring lazily in Mello’s eyes.

"Not so much a curse as it is a choice," did it bother him that much? To stay silent all the time, contemplate within his own world..at least he wouldn't have to deal with the realities others faced. On the other hand, Mello didn't know whether to be envious or grateful of Near's ability to remain silent.

"Why open my mouth and speak when no one will listen?" he turned his head to the side, resting it on his shoulder. "Ella and Richard never listened. They insisted I wasn't normal. They insisted there was something wrong, that there was a thread missing... I tried to tell them otherwise... No one listened. So I stay quiet. I do as I'm told, so they leave me alone." he said simply and honestly.

"All you're doing is making them find more reasons to do what they've already done. Depends on what you do to make them listen. You can't just sit there playing with some pencils and erasers and expecting everything to turn out alright. Don't be stupid, they wouldn't have left you alone for that." He stretched his arms toward the wall of the small room, getting as comfortable as he possibly could. "I doubt the mass will be over anytime soon," The priest was beginning to start the homily.

Ignoring the comment, he shifted under Mello's head. "I'm glad they're dead." he said after some time.

"Never thought you to be the selfish one," Mello said casually.

"Never thought I'd admit it." he sighed stretching his arms a bit. "Serendipity has its qualities."

"I was planning on taking off. After I got your money. I figured you'd try to do something stupid and turn me in," He turned on his side, back to the wall and eyes looking out at the screen that once barred the two back. He licked the bottom of his lip, it had stopped bleeding.

"And I have called them. Damn police cannot find a needle in a sewing case." he shook his head. "Why are you still here then?"

Mello sat up, "What?" he turned towards Near, the small glint in his eyes shone no longer. "Why you-" Mello clenched his hands tightly into fists. Before anything else was to be said, Mello grabbed Near, nails digging into his tender flesh as he threw him against the wall. "YOU LIED TO ME! YOU LIED ABOUT IT ALL!"

He rolled his eyes. "Stop with the dramatics. I didn't lie about anything. Why do you think I said it was only a matter of time? Do you really think, considering the circumstances as they were, I'd allow you to steal their money?" He unflinched, the blankness returning so quickly.

"No Mihael. You knew. You are foolish if you thought I wouldn't. I would have giving it to you..." he reached in his pocket, handing him the very first Mello figurine he ever made. "It never left my side. You are the only one I've confided in."

Near was right. The little bastard was right. He would have resorted to something along the same lines, though; he wouldn't have gotten the police involved. Rather, he would have found a way on his own, as he usually did. He was beginning to feel rushed, if Near was telling him the truth then he had little time to make a decision.

He opened the palm of his hand to see what he had received from Near. It was a wooden figurine of him in his old altar boy robes. "Near..what's this..?" He shook his head; he couldn't dwell on the figurine just now.

Eyes darted back and forth from the door to Near. "Shit." Mass was letting out, it was the perfect opportunity to go unseen. He'd have to leave everything behind for now, "how do I know you're not setting me up? Make a deal with me Near, now or never. If they take me away, it’s your damn fault and I hope it weighs heavily on your conscience."

He cocked his head. "Have unwavering faith in me..." he said plainly, his eyes softened. "I've never done you wrong..." he put his head down and sighed. "If they took you away, it would be your fault. However, what do you want me to do?"

He looked up. "I'll speak with Larsa. Have it called off, if that’s what you require. Stay away from Serendipity until I send word." His eyes intensified, and he was eerily calm. "Things will work out, just as they have before."

He let out a small laugh, "Right, faith, a wolf in sheep's clothing." He pocketed the figure, "Keep the rosary, but I want it returned to me once you send word. I want to know its you and not some government official bringing me back in chains," he kept his cool, but inside his mind and heart were racing. He knew he had little to no money in his pocket right now. He would have to refrain from any and all contact with Near or Matt for the time being. The school would probably fail him for too many missed absences. He turned to the door, grabbing the latch and unlocking it. "Keep that optimistic attitude for me. Fuck knows if I can."

Near put the rosary around his neck. Without another word, he bowed his head. Tucking the rosary inside his shirt, he held it there. For a moment, he looked up and watched as Mello disappeared, once again, out of his life.

For now.
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