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[ a Flux in Reality ]

Welcome to A Flux In Reality. You've come across a fan fiction community, a place where Vital Aeon and Life Illuminated let their muses run wild. We have been role playing together for a number of years, and collectively, we enjoy logging the most. We explore many emotions in our logs and each one is special. The point of this community is, we like feed back on our work. We also want you, the reader, help us decide the fate of various muses! Not sure what we mean? Think I'm crazy? Please, allow me to explain.

Do you remember those Choose your own Adventure book as a kid? The ones where you can read a page or two, and choose where the story goes? The cowboy either got shot up by the sheriff or he got away with the gold? I, as a kid, used to love those books. Well, now that I've delved into the world of fanfiction, Jen and I have decided to collaborate and start this community. You as the reader can chose how the particular fan fic you're reading will end. We have started doing alternate endings. At the end of the fanfic, you will have two very vague qoutes. Neither one letting on the possible out come of the story. That is for your surprise!

For the longer fics, we may decide to continue them on as a story in themselves. You, the reader, will be asked to vote on a poll to chose which ending you enjoyed better-- and from those results, another installment to the story will unfold from said point. Example: Harry met Sally. Sally could either like Harry in one ending. Sally could hate Harry in another ending. You will choose which ending you like better. Choose the fate of the characters! There will be no turning back. They could live happily ever after, or die a miserable death. You never know, because we don't know! Choose wisely...

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Death Note

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Fin:["And I'd get him to swap our places~"]

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Requests are based on a first come, first serve basis. Copy and paste the form below and comment with your request form here. We will reply to your request when we begin working on your fic. Finished fics are stamped with their very own song chosen but us, the writers.

*Note that we may not always be familiar with the characters, if that is the case we will ask you to provide us with some character description when we reply to your request.
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